A simple and fun no GUI form to browse and read your Zotero library.   Usage: zot [options] use -r to refresh and sync zotero library. Add query to search your database. Search results will be shown alongside an index number (if asterisc next to number then url is missing) add -n option and index number […]

I was trying to go to sleep when all of a sudden I started thinking about Fermat’s last theorem. This theorem relates to Pythagoras, If n=2 then we get the pythagorean theorem. If n=2, some results have all rational numbers such as a triangle with sides 3,4, and 5 : And with n=1 all solutions […]

Turns any terminal into a very useful way of writing code and scripts ~:whatchfile [file] [command] This will run the command every time the file is updated. It was lots of fun developing this tool and it served me quite well. The tool is just 17 lines long, making it a great value when accounting […]

A large zero filled matrix is gradually filled with circles. Each circle is randomly drawn and adds a 1 to the matrix. The outlying random landscape looks quite natural. After a while, it seems very static, but before you realize it, it will completely change.

A bash based computational algorithm and protocol management tool. Very simple yet very useful. ~$cat commands.v function _01_firstStep { echo first step cp some files chmod 777 * } function _02_some_R_code { R –vanilla <<ENDOFRSCRIPT countdata = read.table(‘aligned/merged.counts’) countdata = round(countdata) write(countdata,”data.csv”) ENDOFRSCRIPT }   now to run any steps: ~:v command 01 | bash […]


  Starting with a blank canvas (every pixel set at 0,0,0) the canvas is split approximately in half vertically (following gaussian distribution)  and 1 is subtracted or added to each RGB value for the new cross sections. The process is repeated for the new cross sections (this time in the opposite orientation). This process has […]

Last year of my undergraduate, research was over, finals were over, yet I still have a presentation to do. This time it is not graded, I was invited to share my research project results with the entire department in the annual celebration of science event. I was honoured to do so, and I was grateful […]