Its always fun to play with prime numbers. Why not. In math they mean a lot, in computers they are important, and in recreational mathematics they are… ahem… interesting. Ulam Spiral In 1963 mathematician Stanislaw Ulam published this spiral in Martin Gardner’s Mathematical games in scientific american: A small piece of math history. From that […]

Have you ever considered scatter plots to be a tad boring? Do you love the patterning of cathedral stained glass? Well, besides aesthetics, there are cases in which a scatter plot might not be the best option to represent data. What if you are more interested in the spatial distribution of some variable? Some points […]

I was trying to go to sleep when all of a sudden I started thinking about Fermat’s last theorem. This theorem relates to Pythagoras, If n=2 then we get the pythagorean theorem. If n=2, some results have all rational numbers such as a triangle with sides 3,4, and 5 : And with n=1 all solutions […]