Have you ever considered scatter plots to be a tad boring? Do you love the patterning of cathedral stained glass? Well, besides aesthetics, there are cases in which a scatter plot might not be the best option to represent data. What if you are more interested in the spatial distribution of some variable? Some points […]

Computational protocols can be quite long and confusing. It is useful to keep them in a script. But we might not want to run the script from scratch every time (if we already have intermediary files). Make is a tool originally designed to automate the building of executable programs and compiling their libraries. Make relies […]

We sudoers love our omnipresence and omniscience, but there is one problem. Don’t you hate it when you command to install a “sudo apt-get update” or a “sudo rm -rf /” it just tells you: ~: sudo rm -rf / [sudo] password for lahat: What is that! it is boring and undermines the entire point […]

A simple and fun no GUI form to browse and read your Zotero library.   Usage: zot [options] use -r to refresh and sync zotero library. Add query to search your database. Search results will be shown alongside an index number (if asterisc next to number then url is missing) add -n option and index number […]

Turns any terminal into a very useful way of writing code and scripts ~:whatchfile [file] [command] This will run the command every time the file is updated. It was lots of fun developing this tool and it served me quite well. The tool is just 17 lines long, making it a great value when accounting […]

A bash based computational algorithm and protocol management tool. Very simple yet very useful. ~$cat commands.v function _01_firstStep { echo first step cp some files chmod 777 * } function _02_some_R_code { R –vanilla <<ENDOFRSCRIPT countdata = read.table(‘aligned/merged.counts’) countdata = round(countdata) write(countdata,”data.csv”) ENDOFRSCRIPT }   now to run any steps: ~:v command 01 | bash […]