Its always fun to play with prime numbers. Why not. In math they mean a lot, in computers they are important, and in recreational mathematics they are… ahem… interesting. Ulam Spiral In 1963 mathematician Stanislaw Ulam published this spiral in Martin Gardner’s Mathematical games in scientific american: A small piece of math history. From that […]

The Hilbert curve is a neat fractal that can turn a single line into a square surface (see gif above which was kindly stolen from wikipedia). An interesting behavior of Hilbert curves is that locality is maintained, meaning that traits near each other in the line cluster together when mapped onto a Hilbert curve. Hilbert […]

Motif ALTernative Exons Scanner Enrichment of RNA-Seq (aka MAltESERS), is a novel bioinformatic tool that can predict domain changes from alternative splicing. But what is alternative splicing? Alternative Splicing While genes in prokaryotic organisms are single units of expression for a single protein, eukaryotic life developed a more complex system for protein synthesis using alternative […]

I wrote a novella. It is a fiction thriller with a strong focus on biology, ecology, botany, and pathology. It is, as the image suggests, a horror thriller (so not for the children). Amazon kindle: US UK DE FR ES IT NL JP BR CA MX AU IN Amazon softcover:¬†US UK DE FR ES IT […]

We all love random walks; be it just strolling through your city, forest, or a confined orthogonal canvas. import string from matplotlib import pyplot as plt import random import as cm X,Y = 9,16 # figure ratio m = 2 # ratio multiplier fs = 3 # figure size multiplier lw = 2 # […]

Have you ever considered scatter plots to be a tad boring? Do you love the patterning of cathedral stained glass? Well, besides aesthetics, there are cases in which a scatter plot might not be the best option to represent data. What if you are more interested in the spatial distribution of some variable? Some points […]

Computational protocols can be quite long and confusing. It is useful to keep them in a script. But we might not want to run the script from scratch every time (if we already have intermediary files). Make is a tool originally designed to automate the building of executable programs and compiling their libraries. Make relies […]

We sudoers love our omnipresence and omniscience, but there is one problem. Don’t you hate it when you command to install a “sudo apt-get update” or a “sudo rm -rf /” it just tells you: ~: sudo rm -rf / [sudo] password for lahat: What is that! it is boring and undermines the entire point […]

Howdy fellas. It has been years since my Minecraft addiction but sometimes I still need some colorful pixelation, and as my fight to make my GPU work and installing Steam (you will know when I win as I won’t post here anymore), I don’t have delicious retro like games to satisfy me. Then I’ll make […]


Just a series of random triangles. With slight transparency. Yet somehow gives me a senesce of perspective. Next time I’ll try to make the triangles fit in a predefined space rather than fill a canvas.