Zot for zotero

A simple and fun no GUI form to browse and read your Zotero library.


Usage: zot [options] use -r to refresh and sync zotero library.

Add query to search your database.

Search results will be shown alongside an index number (if asterisc next to number then url is missing)

add -n option and index number to open result in lynx


-h, –help show this help message and exit

-r, –refresh reload

-n NUMBER file to open, leave zero for search mode

Simple tool for using zotero from the commandline.

Need to install termcolor and pyzotero python packages: pip install termcolor pip install pyzotero

in the script change:

USER = ‘**‘ to your zotero user id (not username)

    API = ‘**’ to your api key (need to generate one)

put this script in your $PATH

and ready to play.

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